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DBSK - Maximum Lyric Romanization and English Translation

(Rule) nugunga mandeureotgo, eonjenganeun kkaejyeo beoril eoreumui seongbyeok
(Rule) geu soge naui eolgul, gildeullyeojin allakhame manjokhan eolgul
(Move) ijen doraseoseo georeoya dwae, You know what..
nareul jibaehaneun namanui beop, You got to
(Move) ijen nae apeseo mulleona! naneun jom deo nareul neomeoseoya dwae.
*nareul bwa, naege ireonan ireul, modeun geol neomeo yeogi watjanha
deo isangeun jobeun tabe gatyeo beorin naro manjokhaji anha
cheoeumbuteo naui gireun dallatgo, ije jinjeong nae moksorireul chajasseo.
datyeoinneun muneul yeoneun geon, sijakhaneun geon, nain geol
sorichyeo! neoneun sesangeseo jeil areumdapda
(sorichyeo! neoneun sesangeseo jeil areumdapda)
oechyeobwa! naneun sesangeseo jeil areumdapda
(oechyeobwa! naneun sesangeseo jeil areumdapda)
nareul jayuropge mandeureo juneun geot, jeoldae meomchwoseoji annneun nae
umjigim. hangyeraneun geoseul neukkil su eopge ganghan nareul mannago sipeo
(Time to know) chungbunhi areumdaun neo..
(Believe in yourself) bigyohal su eomneun yeoljeong
geochil geotdo eobtjanha, sesangeun imi nege sijakhaneun beobeul gareuchyeo jwonneun geol.
boyeojulge nareul ttara haebwa momeul umjigyeo bwa da hamkke
nareul neomeoseo mannage doeneun saerowojin na
(Rule) Someone made it, A rampart made of ice which will someday shatter
(Rule) Inside is my face, I have a satisfied expression inside the walls which protect me.
(Move) Now you need to turn back and walk, You know what..
My own rules which dominate me, You got to
(Move) Now stop blocking my path! I need to grow a little more.
*Look at me, and the things which happened to me, I’ve overcome everything and reached here.
I wont be satisfied being entrapped in this small tower any longer.
From the beginning, my path was different. Now I’ve found my own voice.
I will open the closed doors, I will take the first step, it’s me.
Scream! You’re the most beautiful in the world!
(Scream! You’re the most beautiful in the world!)
Exclaim! You’re the most beautiful in the world!
(Exclaim! You’re the most beautiful in the world!
It makes me free, it never stops,  my
Movement. I want to find the strong me who can feel no limits.
(Time to know) You’re more than beautiful
(Believe in yourself) your passion which is incomparable to no other
No need to pass it by, The world already taught you how to start.
I will show you, follow me, move your body together
I will overcome my old self, and find my new self.

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